chess game

waiting game…

weekly photo challenge:  waiting

46 Responses to “chess game”

  1. like strangers
    in the park, two
    levels of waiting
    bump into
    each other –
    a chess game
    towards the
    winning fixed
    action pattern,
    a veteran player
    into Asimov’s
    hard science future

  2. Excellent answer to the weekly challenge of waiting!

  3. Great street photo. I love the way the guy is reading the chess book, and his hat with glasses perched on top. Brilliant.

  4. Really nice shot. Brilliant. 🙂

  5. Your Shot is always good 🙂

  6. brilliant shot, and perfect for ‘waiting’

  7. brilliant photograph yi-ching. I love the “two layers” of chess and Asimov. The shot is so well photographed and full of context.

  8. Great photo. The comparison to Asimov is brilliant.

  9. Wow, this was great. I love that you can see what he’s reading, and how perfectly in focus he is. Also, the guy behind him midstep is pretty great too, adds movement to an otherwise still piece.

  10. a wonderful portrait, and a story, and a mood, and a moment…..
    thanks for sharing

  11. nice selection for this weeks theme

  12. He’s reading Asimov. He will win the chess match for sure.

  13. I gotta hit up Washington Sq park one of these days, haha

  14. This is a very nice street portrait. I like the contrast of the chess man’s solitude compared with the frenetic pace of the people walking at the background.

  15. they try to earn money finding a chess partner, isn’t it? I saw them in Washington Square, Manhattan …

    • oh, i didn’t know they took money. guess that makes sense. this was taken in Union Square, but there are certainly chess players in Washington Square as well (smile).

  16. I like this picture very much. This is one of my chicken and the egg questions. What comes first; the love of chess or the love of Sci-fi? For a while, I played chess as a part of group that met at the local library. Most everyone shared a love for Sci-fi.

  17. Reblogged this on R/Ax Media Design and commented:
    This is really spectacular. I love the depth and sincerity.

  18. So annoying to wait for another player which never comes 🙂
    But I see that the guy is reading an Azimov book… And that’s a really good way of waiting 🙂

  19. this is a stunning shot – beautiful

  20. Great picture!

  21. Lovely B&W portrait for the challenge 🙂

  22. playing chess with the help of an isaac asimov……haha nice 🙂

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