weekly photo challenge:  family

4 Responses to “camouflage”

  1. when it is
    clementine season,
    all i can think of is
    the closeness of
    you, floating
    between the
    avenues, juxtaposed
    by a bright,
    punctuated glance
    of sweet citrus in the
    air. it takes very
    little to change
    the current

  2. Your poetry is understated, leaving the river to fill in the silence left after the last line. This is good technique and good craft.

    • i really appreciate your thoughtful words. thank you so much for taking the time. i’m sorry to read about your and Ethel’s loss – my deepest condolences. i started adding a bit of writing to each post on a daily basis here after a loss, starting on February 18, 2010. time really flies, but some things stay the same.

  3. Nice post 🙂

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