the waiting game

lying around…

weekly photo challenge:  waiting

17 Responses to “the waiting game”

  1. when picking a spot
    to wait in line, watch
    a play, or
    spread a picnic,
    mortality and eternity
    do not bother to strike
    up a conversation.
    when it is time for
    all three, however,
    you can see them
    coming up the hill
    pointing, deliberating

  2. yup! the final destination !!!!

  3. . . . and still the sun will rise. Gorgeous photo!

  4. Final destiny I`m not waiting he,he 🙂

  5. lovely photo – unusual interpretation

  6. Ha… Like this one a lot, it’s definitely a waiting game.

  7. I love this. Waiting for their beloved to join. Only when it’s time though.

  8. […] are the unexpected ones, or the ones taken on any old weekday. But in my search, I found this photo by yi-ching lin tagged for the “Family” photo challenge and I kinda love it.(I’m unable to insert […]

  9. the place the mind lays in peace, and the heart is full of warmth; for the sun continues to shine……..
    and so it will even when there is nothing right…..
    amazing pic!

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