the weight of it all

bear it…

14 Responses to “the weight of it all”

  1. how can we bear it?
    i don’t know how
    we can bear it.

    death is not so
    bad, we were really ever
    wounded by life

  2. O’kay. I am laughing. Sorry. I think we all look like this come spring! I love the changing of the season, but there comes a time when the snow just has to go! Yes, even snow becomes like the weight of the world……nice pairing with the poem, “Y”!

  3. […] 11, 2010 how can we bear it? i don’t know how we can bear […]

  4. There are times when I feel like this ‘image.’ I don’t much care for such times.

  5. he scares me.
    i’m glad i dont have a garden. lol

  6. greet photograph……….
    good idea……

  7. You should consider creating a photographer book with accompanying poetry. Your work really is magical. Well done, Y.

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