straight and true

strategic moves…

9 Responses to “straight and true”

  1. i am just about
    ready to
    today. yes, it takes
    some nerves,
    but mostly
    an armload of
    two-by-fours and
    a bag of three-
    inch screws.
    if i can accurately
    determine the location
    and dimensions to ensure
    straight and true
    walls, i may never
    have to feel so much
    desolation again

  2. Love your poem and the picture!

  3. The picture and poem! What a great combination… I think you are the first person I have even seen to add a bit of poetry to a lovely photo. Fantastic and I must say that I like both very much!!!

  4. thank you, Brett. i may be your first, but i am certain i’m not the only one!

  5. I wouldn’t even know how to go about using all these nuts and bolts, but the photo is warm and kind of inviting due to the warmth. I like the strength and straightness of the bolts.

  6. How very cool. I did not pick up on that! Now, I see the checkered board. Thanks, “Y”.

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