forces of nature

2 Responses to “forces of nature”

  1. saturday matinee,
    tickets tucked into our smart
    phones, nature still wins

  2. Dear Yi-ching Lin, Nature will always be dominate in my opinion.

    Eloquent Deviance posted a story about nature taking back over a spot where someone had built a house. I think you would like it. It is at:

    I apologize but this section may come off as a rant. I also apologize that it is not written very well.

    We as a human race can get more and more involved and sucked into digital objects, digital functions, and digital ways to do things in our daily lives. Everything that comes to mind when you see the word digital cannot replace the hardcopies of yesterday that are still the hardcopies of today for some. I think digital technology has its own benefits.
    However there is nothing like spending the time looking at a bookshelf, choosing a book, turing the book’s pages, and reading the book. There is nothing like making art out of materials and using pens and pencils on paper. There is nothing like walking through the woods and seeing plants, fungus, bugs, and animals in the real world of real nature. The parks and natural habitat museums/botanical gardens are nice and is needed if one can not get to an area where there is nature’s own woods, fields, and plants. A short version of what I think would be that people need to be outside more, away from TVs more, and need to engage and interact with one another more.
    Sam Sutlive.
    Again my apologies.

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