3 Responses to “youth”

  1. at what stage do we
    become lazy, permit
    disappointment to
    creep in, hold us
    hostage, like the best
    drama series this season

    • Dear Yi-ching Lin,

      I am replying to your poem question with another poem/prose (even if you meant it as a rhetorical question, (smile)).

      Might be constants,
      hitting a virtual wall of sameness.
      I have seen the same crowd now for three months in a row,
      I have made the same 5 pound bag of fries 96 times in 9 hours-Daily
      Served 115 burgers in an hour only repeating that amount periodically depending on visitors.

      The plateau of life- one believing they have gained all necessary knowledge for their job and or career because they feel they are no longer being challenged- Yet are only at a constant.
      They have not hit the new challenge, the new piece of information that will spike their excitement and reengage their period of learning.
      Reengage that excitement of learning.
      That feeling of the excitement of learning and the feeling of soaking up new information.

      I have a coworker ( lets call him PLew) he is on beverages and has been working in Food Services for two to three years at the same dinning hall. I started working with him in August 2015. By that time PLew had already changed his attitude because he had hit the virtual wall of sameness. He has even said “I just don’t care anymore” shrugging and saying whatever to questions or comments.
      Do not get me wrong he is not negative, he has just gotten bored with his job. PLew apparently used to “care about” his tasks and had changed from being proactive, excited, and engaged to being passive, and not caring so much that his manager said “I want the OLD PLew back”.

      That is one idea on or about your thought. I have talked about this subject matter- the level of engagement in ones job in a photojournalism class and it is very interesting I think.

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