11 Responses to “home-cooking”

  1. for the remainder
    of this season, let’s be
    hoarders – no one has
    yet found a way
    to rub off love saved
    for a rainy day

  2. Wonderful pic and wonderful words!

  3. I boiled eggs yesterday and cracked the shells with a back of the spoon and soaked them in black tea and soy sauce. They weren’t as marbled as I had hoped but interesting. I love your eggs.

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  5. How does one save love for a rainy day?
    Is that possible?

    Are those eggs going to be coated with the pork sauce or are they just being served on top as seen?

    I want the pork.
    No cluck cluck eggies for moi.
    Got some duck eggs? Hmm?

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