13 Responses to “shaded”

  1. in closer proximity, we
    dust off old words like
    complicated, desire, unknown.
    with distance, we trace the word
    lingering on scripted

  2. Lovely- where was this person?

  3. I have taken a distinct dislike to the word “complicated”–and “It’s complicated.” One of the most currently overused words bandied about whenever someone does not want to discuss something that makes them uncomfortable. “Oh it’s sooooo complicated!” BAH.
    Now about the photo……

    • right? i can’t remember the last time i’ve responded, “it’s complicated” – i always prefer to try to explain what “it” is first… of course, that may get complicated.. (smile)

      • Oh please do not think I was referencing “you”. I was speaking about people with whom I have had direct face to face contact. It’s also become a stock phrase in certain types of movies.
        Of course “It’s complicated.” hehehehe–just ask your mom.

      • (smile) – just saw this comment for the first time!! it’s complicated (laugh)!

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