collecting a livelihood…

health, wealth, and prosperity: Om Vasudhare Svaha

weekly photo challenge:  arranged

3 Responses to “arranged”

  1. collecting lives is for
    the one with the
    scythe. a livelihood,
    however, is
    collected among
    allies, orbiting
    the days of the
    week with equal
    weight, formulating
    a pattern of tides
    with each incoming
    shift, and the
    gravitational pull
    to living and dying
    every so often
    readjusts itself

  2. Liked the poem… and liked the image too. But it bothered me a bit… that there was that weak spot near the center of the picture, a wee bit down, where it’s too light, and a little out of focus. Wonder how that happened…

    • ah, yes – it’s the filter that i chose, with all the strengths and weaknesses already set. part of the “infinicam” app. thank you – by the way, this is beside the front desk of Prime Burger.

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