settling in…

health, wealth, and prosperity: Om Vasudhare Svaha

weekly photo challenge:  arranged

13 Responses to “prime”

  1. at the 24-hour
    diner, there are
    moments when
    there is no one
    to look at, no
    bonds to build
    or break, and
    the waiter has
    stepped away
    for a smoke.
    it’s just you
    and your prime
    burger, with all
    the trimmings, a
    basket of sweet
    potato waffle
    fries, and – while
    you’re alone –
    that elusive
    malted milkshake

  2. I really like how you give a Mantra with your posts, nice touch !!!

  3. I love this photograph. You know it’s a good lunch counter when they give you your choice between Tabasco and Frank’s hot sauce already out.

  4. beautiful photo!

  5. You get such amazing texture in your photos- you turn everyday life into magic- which it is, we just don’t see it!

  6. O the poem—I can relate. Now for the sweet potato fries….

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