health, wealth, and prosperity: Om Vasudhare Svaha

weekly photo challenge:  hope

19 Responses to “mapped”

  1. there is much about
    a house that isn’t
    the house –
    sunlight painting
    a still life in
    recent memory,
    a garden cozying up
    around the front
    porch like children
    returning home,
    the spindly shadow
    of magnolia branches
    climbing the stairs,
    you lying down in
    the middle of an
    empty bedroom,
    ready to call it
    your own

  2. Your beautiful words match the beauty of the photo.

  3. What a beautiful old home. I have always loved big porches with gingerbread railings.

  4. You captured the sunlight so perfectly, making the house even more beautiful. Love this, wonderful.

  5. Your words are so full of hope… great photo and post.

  6. Great golden light you captured with the shadows. All colours really complement and attract the eye.

  7. Just beautiful…hope is where our heart is…as long as we believe, that we have faith and love….we can do anything. Wonderful photo. Thanks.

  8. this photograph keeps me breathless. such a cute home…. and your words, a dreamteam 😉


  9. oh, i did browse those photos as well, but it wasn’t a “calendar,” so i thought it was another project! i got it now – a pocket diary! cheers, y

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