andrew’s honey


weekly photo challenge:  possibilities

17 Responses to “andrew’s honey”

  1. that kaleidoscopic
    gaze turns me
    into a child
    with a color
    by number
    of an ice cream
    sundae and
    all the works –
    when getting
    it right the
    first time
    the promise of
    a second time

  2. Nice pic. Honey will be adored more as the winters are showing up 🙂

  3. The light and shadow in this is incredible. Excellent capture. : )

  4. Nice photo – I also like see the different languages in the shot! I’m enjoying honey in my tea as I am writing this…mmmm good.

  5. I also like the sun’s reflection. Very nice photo.

  6. Hope the honey is as inviting as the photo. 😉

  7. Very nice composition in photo. Great accompanying poem — love the metaphor!

  8. childhood seems to be filled with possibilities.
    stay in the mind of a child – at least one hour daily –
    and you will find a lot of new possibilities.

  9. Great arrangement ,Nice Shot 🙂

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