weekly photo challenge:  possibilities

16 Responses to “possibilities”

  1. monday, eight-
    thirty, the market
    arrives, freshly
    in sunrise,
    each stand at
    rest, gleaming
    like race horses,
    intense, astir,
    possibilities anchored

  2. Cool photograph! I feel like that food is holy… probably is fresher than anything we’ve got in our grocery stores! Great post 🙂

  3. Absolutely apt! creativity in cooking 🙂

  4. Oh yes – these are possibilities I relate too – great shot

  5. Must be nice to find this in a city like new york.a welcome change from all the convenience food.I bet they do a roaring trade…

    • we are lucky to have countless greenmarkets in the city, in all five boroughs. <–click to see locations (smile)

      • You’ve got loads haha,and their huge.guided tour’s ,cooking demonstrations.
        we have one fruit and veg marketstall in the city center and if you don’t get there before the end of lunch it’s all gone! ha.(i’m speechless )

        Have a good weekend yi-ching.

  6. hmm fresh food to cook, mouth watering possibilities..

  7. Great shot… where is the market? I’d love some red onions. 😉

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