9 Responses to “lens”

  1. every morning
    entire worlds dry
    up in the span of
    a second or

    every week
    i water
    your orchids
    waiting for
    a miraculous return

  2. Y,
    I absolutely love the photo and the meaning in the last of the poem. As always, excellent combo. I really love the close up detail that is visible in this photo.



  3. Y,
    I’m doing good to post things these days… not enough time to spend reading and commenting as I’d like, but I’m working on it. I really love the photo!
    You may appreciate and relate to a recent poem I wrote called
    I reach inside – self CPR
    Take a look if you get a minute.



  4. Lovely photo. I almost cut myself just looking at it, it’s sooo sharp. 😉

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