6 Responses to “rex”

  1. there are already days
    when my entire
    body is
    a question mark –
    fingers stop
    playing, shoulder
    blades leak
    acid, forearms
    cry foul, knees
    face a long stretch
    of staircase below
    with premature

  2. The color! The color and the clarity of this image fascinates me. You have made him look aristocratic! So interesting.

    • i caught this while walking by the building next door. he was sitting on the lap of one of his owners on the stoop, with that red leash on! his name is Rex – let us say, like SIR Rex Harrison! (smile)

  3. Oh the photo is so wonderful and the red I heard a designer once say that everyone should have a bit of red. Sure works for Rex.

    The photo and poem combined are just fantastical.


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