11 Responses to “weighted”

  1. i have weighted
    memories of you
    on some other
    spring, under a new
    straw hat, rose-hued,
    a string to secure.

    you were holding
    my hand
    on some other
    spring, the sun
    beating down on us, but
    you never let go.

    i have weighted
    memories of you
    like an old tune –
    hold my hand through
    this, because somewhere
    a string will snap, muted

  2. Y,
    Beautifully woven. I appreciated the use of string for the hat at the beginning, blending the string through an old tune and snapping it at the end. Very moving. I also appreciated the past tense of holding my hand moved through to the present tense of hold my hand.



  3. A bit of poetry in a beast’s world.
    Do you say that like that in english (it’s a French motto)


  4. Flowers blossoming amidst the darker debris–nice.

  5. This is very lovely and seems to have cool emotion rather than the past sense of loss in your poems. Gorgeous. Pearl

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