without warning…

7 Responses to “sideways”

  1. when the rain comes at
    you sideways, there is very
    little you can do –

    yesterday’s memories come
    flooding in without warning

  2. this is wonderful.
    i really like that tower block to the left

  3. Loving the flat iron building. Nice night shot, Yi.
    Hope you’re in the mood for a stupid question. 🙂 I never really know how to address you since I’m not sure about your first name. Is Yi okay or should it be Yi-Ching? If the latter, do I capitalize both Yi and Ching or is it Yi-ching.

    • that’s not “the” flat iron building, but yes, it turned out cooler in photo than in real life. my first name is “Yi-Ching,” spelled thus. thank you for asking! yes, it’s definitely not “Yi” (smile).

      • Thanks Yi-Ching, good to know.

        I realize this isn’t the “famous” Fuller (flat-iron) Building on 5th Ave. in NY, but flat-iron speaks to its shape rather than a specific building. In other words, there are lots of flat-iron buildings around. The Gooderham Building in Toronto is also a flat-iron building, for instance, as it shares the triangle shape of a flat iron, like the Fuller Building. The building in your photo also shares this shape, making it a flat-iron building. 😉

  4. (smile) that’s right!

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