6 Responses to “held”

  1. i hold

    the sound of Dad’s voice on Thursday
    morning, when it cracked, spilling the news

    subsequent images like routinely-fingered photographs

    i hold

    distance like a shield, an empty room

    each hard-shelled day to my ear, fleeting souvenirs

    i hold

    memory of your eyes, evidence
    of an extraordinary thing, so alive

    and oh, how they once held me

    i hold

    i keep holding

  2. Oh my. This is absolutely gorgeous. Takes my breath away.

  3. “Keep holding”
    oh yeah.
    Hi Yi-Ching & Leslie.

    Oh what trees these be–so rich in darkness and lurking light..

  4. Very nice and it immediately pulls on a day dream waiting to be dreamed… Lovely…

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