rings true

becoming magical…

25 Responses to “rings true”

  1. in the hour before becoming
    magical, you

    disconnect all the alarms

    tie a knot
    into each straying breath

    open your eyes

    close your eyes

    make a bold leap

    and ring every telephone in every
    dream four times

    until one world rings
    truer than the other

  2. this is a beautiful shot and poem.
    great stuff

  3. You know what I like about this phone? That darn twisted cord! That is what phones like this did forever. I can remember standing and dangling the receiver until the cord spun itself open. What I can’t figure out is that metal thing on the base on the front of it. Looks like it curves over a nameplate.
    Great poem!

  4. Oh I totally love this. I so want a phone like this for my living room. But I don’t think I could do without call display. 🙂 Super shot, Y.

    • this one is owned by my Canadian neighbor!! (smile) i know what you mean by the call display. he needs it for calling home.

  5. y,
    I so appreciate your poetry on dreams. How you tie in your feelings and weave between the reality of dreams and the reality of wakefulness. Such tugging of hope that the dream is real but always waking up to the loss of what didn’t materialize mixed with the loss of what reality is…

    Thanks for continuing to post



    • thank you for continuing to give such thoughtful responses, which are poetic in their own right, “tugging of hope” and inspiring me to continue my endeavors (smile). thank you!

  6. Oh this phone–LOL–on the days of dialing.
    Great stuff, Yi.
    How is your collection of poetry and photographs coming along?

    • it seems that people either want to print photos or print poetry, and if i am going to compile these, i’ll have to self-publish myself. any advice?

      • Yi-Ching–advice–ha–oh Y! When it comes to serious publishing it seems to be a combination of who you know/meet and luck and subjectivity off the charts. If you self publish then—well–there are art fairs..google Where the Shows Are and see if that gives you any notions. Have not done this circuit myself–but have helped someone who does it all the time. It’s not easy and it’s hit and miss with markets–and one never knows. Seems to be when it rains it pours and so on sort of thing.
        Wish I could offer something more solid. Perhaps Leslie or Mauro—Never In Color–photographer of Dave the lazy photographer might have some marketing advice.

  7. ah, thank you, though – i’ll just keep plodding on (smile).

    • Plodding? No, i think you ought to start selecting your best photographs and poems and considering how you would actually print them together. Either poems imposed upon the photographic images or separated.
      Which 12 would you pick first to print/reproduce?

      • oh, “plodding on” like submitting poetry and photos separately. i don’t know how i feel about the writing imposed upon the images. that reminds me of inspirational posters (smile). as for selections, i think i would select by the strength of the words, and if i really like a photo, but the writing is weak, i’ll have to match it up with something else.

  8. Fabulous photo – glad I stopped by, from Dave The Lazy Photographers, to tell you that I did get the Panny with the amazing zoom. Feel free to either email me or check out my blog (it’s listed in the tag cloud) for a comparison between cameras. The color needs tweaking on the Panny on a regular basis. This is frustrating to me, but not enough to send it back -yet.

  9. Y,
    I tend to agree with you. I could see many of your selections as posters with the poems embedded in the image but in book form, I would rather see your work as a photo on the left page and the poem set on some soft photo matching color on the right page. From what I’ve seen, your work can stand alone as either a great photo or a great poem but shown together, side by side would enhance the overall feel.

    Lately, now that I’m getting back to writing, I’ve been wondering about getting some of my poems published. A friend of mine (http://ramblinginreno.wordpress.com/) had this suggestion “Usually when you look at the local magazines you will see a place in them to send your poems, pictures, etc” as a place I might want to start. So I think I’ll try and get one or two published that way. They may be more willing (especially if you find something local) to print both a picture and a poem. It’d be a place to get some exposure.

    Please do let us know when you get that book published… I want one!



  10. I would definitely purchase a collection of your photos and poems done in book form. Let me know when that is available! 🙂 I will even buy them for gifts!

    • wow, you guys! it’s good to know there’s an audience…Leslie, do you mean just the mourning collection? with feedback like yours, i wonder if the writing would help to lessen the sting as it is helping me.

  11. You could call it

    Y on Why…
    My journey through loss as a photographer and poet.

    In fact, you might consider what I said before about the picture on the left page and the poem on the right, but with a little bit of verbiage either above the photo or below the poem, that talks about where you were in the process. What events were taking place. How you felt (although that’s often covered in the photo / poem combination). What helped you cope etc.

    I think that if this is the direction you’re heading though, you still have photos and poems to take / write, but you can start compiling it now.

    I do think it would help others to realize that they are not alone, that others have gone through similar loss and give them the comfort of knowing someone can relate.

    I wish you much success with it.

  12. Marvellous phone! Always lovely Ms. ~

  13. i know that phone!!! looks nicer in your photo than real life!

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