saving a place…

15 Responses to “bookmark”

  1. it is always
    easier to bookmark
    your heart when
    the story is still
    very much

    with just twelve
    days under
    my belt, i am
    still walking into
    each day, stunned,
    as if it were an
    unmarked chapter
    folding me in
    as i fumble
    my way out,

  2. keep on walking ‘out’

    My son aka ‘god’ says this is a VERY nice photo! I concur. Love its elegant simplicity. namaste

    • i love your simple command: “keep on walking ‘out.'” thank you! mom has been wondering where you’ve gone (smile).

      • All the best to mom–just been way busy with other things–like getting daughter on her way to Korea via Chicago then digging in the U of Iowa’s Special Collections Keith Albee Vaudeville holdings.

  3. What a beautiful photo.

  4. Beautiful! I feel humbled and invigorated at the same time, thank you for sharing your words.

    • thank YOU for coming by. i thought about how we often “bookmark” our hearts when someone is still with us, like taking people for granted in a casual sense. i’m glad you are invigorated.

  5. I imagine laying there looking up and listening to the quiet. Beautiful poem. Beautiful photo.

  6. so beautiful, the soft tones in the background. the crop makes this a nice header-type photo. would love to see a taller crop.

    • thank you for visiting again. what do you mean by “taller crop?”

      • obviously it depends on whether you’ve cropped this in the first place, but it just feels a little constrained to me – like there is a better story to be seen with if you get more of the lower part of the plants. alternatively, i think you could have a really elegant photo with a portrait crap of just the two branches on the right, focusing more on the tall, graceful stalk.
        in any case, you already have a very nice photo, so i’m definitely being very picky.

  7. i like picky, and i know what you mean. thank you so much.

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