leave a message

got it covered…

8 Responses to “leave a message”

  1. let the illiterate hold
    these words in their palms –
    there is no more fear
    of explosions, no great
    battle to be fought, no
    insolvably insane
    heart-renderings, no
    hero to be lost. let
    them feel nothing
    and still
    see everything –
    if not a single
    word holds
    sway, i would
    never have to stop
    looking for you,
    i could get
    away with that

  2. Y i enjoy your photos…but your poems have so much power….they are amazing.

  3. What I missed the most was my Mom calling on Friday evenings. That was “our time”. Beautiful poem and absolutely thought provoking photo, “Y”.

  4. Hi Yi. Love the image and the poem. grins. You seem to be ‘thriving.’ Oh yeah.

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