with loss…

15 Responses to “faced”

  1. i am a secret
    collapsible concept
    this week – now you
    see me, now you
    don’t. i get into
    bed each night
    knowing that
    i will suck
    the air out of
    myself until i lose.
    by morning, the same
    doubts produce
    their sharpened
    instruments just beneath
    the lids and start
    drilling against
    the fresh
    flesh, nothing different
    to report. it has been
    a week. but i haven’t
    cried today, i
    haven’t cried today

  2. The Assimilation of Red

    It is always the same: no matter which
    knife notches me, which spigot
    controls my grief, someone is leaving
    or has already left. Their names

    claim an emptiness on my pinched
    tongue. In my fibered chest, the silences
    rise and the lid can’t hold. I walk,

    and the shelves at my feet are
    caustically familiar. I sketch, and
    there appears at my hand each lugubrious

    face – perfect in detail –
    mouthing the same “o”. The oceans
    inside are still shivering green.

  3. Did you do something in photoshop with this piece, “Y”? It looks like a painting. Nice composition.

  4. no, the sun was shining right on it, and i had to take it at low exposure. thank you for the compliment! are you planning to paint something like that? (smile)

  5. I probably will, sometime. I saw one similar to this a few years back that stuck with me. A little cat was peeking out from the dark opening in the siding. It made the whole piece. I think this was an interesting find for you. That paint looks so thick and tough. The photo pairs well, once again, with what you wrote. Such good work.

    • oh, that would be so adorable. i recall whitebuffalo capturing something like that…let me find it… here we are, a perfectly timed kitty (smile).

  6. YEP, like that. It was painted in watercolor and had all the peeling paint and dark hole to the inside like your photo.

  7. I would if I could. Don’t rmember who the artist was. I remember he had gray hair. It was in a watercolor magazine that I take and I don’t have that anymore. Give them away to my students when I’m done with them.

  8. Totally digging the photo. And your poem is wonderful, as is PanetCity1’s. Very well done.

  9. I love the composition and color of this photo.

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