9 Responses to “cheshire”

  1. the day he left, i can still
    remember the look
    of the evening
    sky floating to meet
    me when i emerged
    from the train station,

    the five-day-old
    moon held its five-day-old
    smile, a frozen misfit of a
    mouth, so new and already
    a consummate hunter,

  2. “the sky floating to meet me”. I love that line and won’t soon forget it. The photograph? Yes, all that night. Great combo.

    • (laugh) i like the way you said, “the photograph?” like…”it’s alright…” thank you, Leslie.

      • Oh no! I didn’t mean that at all. I meant I was filled up with the heaviness of the darkness portrayed and that it hit me like that…..”all that night”. Goodbyes are like that for me, even when I’m just saying good-bye to beloved family members following a wonderful visit, knowing I won’t see them for awile. I meant that I thought the poem and the photo an excellent pair.

  3. touching. elegant. excellent execution! ♥

  4. oh, yes, i know what you meant the first time. sorry to alarm you!

  5. Oh mixing photos and poems in one blog bowl–how nice! Hi. Hope you’ve been blessed.

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