in love love love

here i go again…

6 Responses to “in love love love”

  1. You do realize you’re torturing me to death here, right? If I ever make it to New York City I’ll expect a tour of all these wonderful restaurants. 🙂

  2. Oh yes, what a great idea!!! seriously–food porn tour with Y!!! Ha–hey, that could be a serious business gig for you! O my gosh–LOL–what a great fun time that could be!! What do you think, Dave????

    • the image of a bunch of people with cameras taking photos of their plates and playing musical chairs to take photos of each other’s plates while the food starts to chill is hilarious (smile). and the food-porn-tour brochure should include the freshman-10 warning.

      • LOL–yes, funny–but also something entirely unique–think of all the cool places you could take ‘tourists’ and others looking for independent eateries off the beaten tourist trip route? And photography folks–all the places you could take them. Let’s see the the park route, the food route, the market route, the street art route, the beaches routes. I do think this has serious independent business potential, Y. Yes I DO.

  3. hmm…sounds like a photography-class-in-the-city tour! (smile)

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