eat by number

1, 2, 3, 4…

10 Responses to “eat by number”

  1. that looks so fresh. yummy

  2. Boy that looks good. I hate french toast on the weekend, stuffed with this apple cinnamon filling, with a nice icing drizzled over it and real maple syrup. Talk about tasty treats. Great shot. I like the lighting.

  3. Oh did you HAVE to post this? eegads–HUNGER STRIKES BIG TIME!! Hi!

  4. That was pepper jack cheese on ciabatta sliced and toasted with butter


  5. that is funny, Dave – because i was thinking it was odd that you hated french toast, yet continued to describe it in such yummy details, as if you were trying to be sarcastic.

  6. LOL–oh Dave–all the difference an ‘h’ makes!!!!

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