coming out to play…

16 Responses to “dressed”

  1. morning, how goes your day?

  2. btw, these are ‘fun’ self portraits–I like that you’ve gone for different expressions instead of just ONE DEFINING Portrait. I think people are usually too complex for one defining ‘image’ of them.

  3. day is still young! (smile) relishing in it… thank you for enjoying them! i think i was really stuck for an idea yesterday (grinning).

  4. you stuck for an idea? I don’t believe it.

  5. speaking of cameras–you use a digital dslr, correct? what make and model? My daughter is looking for a ‘good’ digital camera. Yesterday she checked out an Olympus model–which needs ordering back into the store’s stock. But am curious what you’ve been using–if you don’t mind my asking.

  6. good question! actually, i had three point-and-shoots, the results of which were on my old blog here. then in late May of this year, i finally got the DSLR i wanted, the Canon T1i (<– click for review), and created this more user-friendly site (smile). hope that helps, and have fun shopping!!

  7. Thanks, yes it does. Am sort of following blindly what daughter ‘does’ just because I’m still using an old Minolta 700-x, film, which I adore for how it makes up for my ‘lacks’. But I know that eventually film will get harder to obtain and that digital looms on the horizon.

  8. I can ‘see’ the difference.
    And it seems you’ve grown a lot as a photographer too since those photos.

  9. going digital, there are so many choices out there, and, of course, there may be more than one “perfect fit” (smile). Kokot, which one did you upgrade to?

  10. yes, many choices.–and dim lighting–yikes! lol

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