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14 Responses to “at65”

  1. Morning Yi-Ching! The invasion bugle has been blown! grins.

  2. attack begins in 8 hours

  3. why are we exactly “attacking” him? he seems like a chill blogger – what is the purpose? why him?

  4. Why? Because we LIKE him!
    We want to let him know how much we enjoy his comics every day.

  5. hey, at least tell the little turnip he’s ‘adorable’…lol grins

  6. i’ve got otto’s stronghold. your turn to claim something, lol. btw great social photo. your very good at these

  7. thanks…i’m not sure what other photos you’d label “social photo,” but thank you. i’m going to head on down to otto now.

  8. Hi Y. Glad you found your way to otto’s. LOL. Who else but a comic creator would call sharpies ‘joy’? ha. A touch of fun. Thanks for joining the invasion party. 🙂

  9. sharpies are joy, thought everybody knew that…thanks for checking out Otto, he’s kind of an attention-seeker. btw your photos are stunning. 🙂

    • thank you! i think sharpies are “joy,” too – i enjoy using them to write letters and especially the silver ones for occasions! (smile)

  10. you’ve done a few, meaning you capture communication between people well

  11. ie, you get me trying to guess peoples conversations. make sense?.

  12. hey, it’s ‘sharpie joy’ everywhere! who knew? LOL. Otto came to stroll with Y! Wow, hi Otto!

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