eyeing the source…

11 Responses to “source”

  1. there’s sometihing about the combination of the reaching fingers and the luminous quality of that blub that’s just ”essential”..for lack of a better word at the moment. There’s more motion in this photo than in the others in this set because of the hand. mmm…likey likey..does your Mum like it too?

  2. This is a great photo. I love how it’s clear and has a lot of color.

  3. it’s difficult to describe the meaning of the picture, but is has a kind of attractive feeling over it. Special.

  4. thank you!! i feel fortunate to have captured the bulb when i did (smile).

  5. Lovely indeed! So much said above, and I agree with all!
    Do I spot that planted basin in the back 😉

  6. yes! (smile) like i responded, “in williamsburg, desertion is intentional…” thank you!!

  7. &
    (Trying to avoid the emoticons! hehe)

  8. mm, Yi-Ching, it seems you’ve found a sort of ‘gold mine’ in this locality–a tad like that Jimmy felllow..

  9. […] went back to the market and bought everything you’d touched the last […]

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