collecting twigs…

3 Responses to “lanterns”

  1. oh hey, Yi-Ching, did you catch the work of Tina Manley on dig-n-dash? if you enjoy b&w people shots then you might take a peek at it. I think that collection might be my favorite–so far–that planetcity1 has featured. An another part of the world entirely—not Jimmy Forsyth’s community by any means–but still, tender, engaging art.

  2. wow…powerful, gorgeous, and heartbreaking – all at the same time. thank you, again, for continuing to introduce me to these great artists!

  3. hey, I’m learning a lot as I go along. And the dig-n-dash features and some of the other blogs/links I’ve found sometimes lead to great stuff and other times to things that don’t interest me as much–and that’s helpful too as I figure out just where I want to go with my own photography and art. I don’t mean to be pushy–just tossing this and that your way for the fun of sharing. I get “little kid mind” when I’m exploring and well…it’s all ‘cool’!

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