measuring the distance…

11 Responses to “strategic”

  1. beautiful shot .

  2. more food porn! if you love fried taters that is and I DO!!!
    Hey, Y, there’s a potluck buffet over at Forrester’s Trekking Hall Mall, you gonna ‘bring a dish’? eh?

  3. where’s Forrester’s Trekking Hall Mall? and i have a very hard time saying no to fries…

  4. wow, i can’t keep up…

  5. I have got to STOP listening to jazz –it just gets me going way too fast! LOL. Hey, I can’t keep up either. LOL.

  6. ah, i’d take bebop over elevator jazz any day…

  7. elevator jazz?!! oh horrors! perish that thought shutterbug–oh no, Coltrane, Parker, Miles Davis et al for moi–no elevator music allowed…and none ever played at jazz every afternoon mon thru friday and each volunteer dj serves up his own brew–but NEVER elevator jazz! if you listen online, cause they do stream live, you’ll hear the difference..and what these horns are shoutin’…elevator jazz…oooo never never…LOL…

  8. you said “fast,” so i didn’t think you were listening to elevator jazz…

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