piling up to…

8 Responses to “perfection”

  1. oh the shutterbug ‘slut’ strikes again! unbelievable…grassfed no less..bliss

  2. oh hey, nothing bad meant by all the s consonance indulgence in previous post–it just sort of flowed..and was a switch from ‘temptress’ and such…grins…all compliments intended only

  3. well, my mom visits daily…so watch out! (smile)

  4. o that is so sweet! Hi Yi’s MOM! waves ~~~~~~~~

  5. hah! if you’re going to chat with her, i guess i should let you know that it’s really “Yi-Ching,” never “Yi” (grin). she’ll love it!…the other day, she already asked, “who’s this 47whitebuffalo?”

  6. okay Yi-Ching–, oh this whitebuffalo is just this crazy polish woman writer who enjoys Yi-Ching’s photo strolls very much. Sort of vicariously photographing since I work with film instead of digital. And am not yet quite ‘warm’ to the notion of putting my own photos online. Writing is one thing–visual art work is another for moi. I like Yi–Ching’s eye for what she catches because she notices the sorts of things that interest me. Some photographers go to distant places to find ‘beauty’–while there’s plenty of it right around us everywhere–even on the Cheyenne River Reservation as the photos of Emily Schiffer and her students reveal. So, nice to meet you, Yi-Ching’s Mother.

  7. ps.. and I love good food. bye now!

  8. even she would say you’re too sweet…and that’s too much (sheepish smile). so, it sounds like there’s a photoblog in the works for you. i might have to steal “photo strolls”…

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