8 Responses to “point”

  1. all day, i keep
    forgetting that you
    left us this morning,
    and even now, when
    i quiet my heart to
    take in the news, i
    hear old news, when
    you called eight years
    ago to say that he’s
    gone, and do not be
    sad, it was so peaceful,
    you were reading to him
    as he sat in his favorite
    chair, and then
    you were reading.
    tonight, i am not ready
    for the details just yet.
    there are no brave
    messengers. you are
    gone, but not yet gone

  2. What a unique capture. So much character in this photo.

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  4. Lovely shot!

  5. Fantastic!!! The way the movement of the dancer’s leg mirrors the movement in the painting on the far wall!!!! the contrast between theses two movements and the still, solid feeling I get from the floor and the building itself.

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