4 Responses to “solitude”

  1. i know, and now you
    know, how this will go –
    there will be
    one week when i will
    be indecisive about emptying
    the wicker trash bin in the
    bedroom, months when i
    will avoid vacuuming
    one or two corners of the
    apartment for fear of
    erasing you, a year or
    five may go by before i
    walk down that street
    or head to the cloisters
    again, and still, there
    will be pockets within
    minutes, here and there,
    when i will, without so
    many words, bump into
    the feeling the last time…
    was with you
    over and
    over, until you become
    like a fragrance from
    lifetimes before

  2. I sometimes need solitude.

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