reflecting… a random bit

medicine buddha mantra: Tayata Om Bekandze Bekandze Maha Bekandze Radza Samudgate Soha

health, wealth, and prosperity: Om Vasudhare Svaha

weekly photo challenge:  portraits


3 Responses to “matrix”

  1. nine times out of
    ten, we approach each
    other without knowing
    the mettle of which
    we are made. even
    after years of testing
    one another,
    acknowledging as many
    variables as our hearts
    can hold, we will stumble
    upon the end of
    things and realize
    that we failed to detect
    the significance of one or
    more properties,
    overlooked the
    hard spots that
    we thought were
    holding us together

  2. i like this piece, simply because i understand, the concept of walk by the key that build our soul..

    hugs chris

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