11 Responses to “homeward”

  1. seldom can one look
    out into stirring waters
    and not thirst for home

  2. This is a great photo Yi-ching Lin! I love the clarity of the bird and the bench. I am trying to capture Hummingbirds on camera right now. This is a really fun challenge.
    Have you ever tried taking pictures of Hummingbirds?

      • Yi-Ching Lin that is a good looking Hummingbird. I am in Athens and Watkinesville Ga. and have not seen a hummingbird with that much blue on it. We usually get ones with red, green, or blue stripes on the neck.

      • thank you! check out today’s post – just captured another one this season!

      • Dear Yi-ching Lin,
        Squirrels are fun too. In one of my Photojournalism classes a student tried submitting a photo of a squirrel eating an orange at a metal trash box/bin. The teacher, Mr. Johnson said, as good as the photo was the squirrel could not replace a real life portrait assignment!!!!!

        I know I haven’t been corresponding as much in the blogging world. My comments might be silent after this weekend for a while but I am still viewing your posts and support you and your blog.
        Sam Sutlive.

      • thank you, Sam. i appreciate the follow!

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