3 Responses to “waves”

  1. crashing along the
    edge of
    morning, sleep-
    drenched rhythms –
    soft pedaling of
    brakes, a flap of
    wings, the alarm
    beating out a message:
    dove ho visto te

  2. It looks like he is wearing a suit.(?) That is neat if that is true. Maybe he was walking along after being at an event and wanted to check out the sea or bay floor. He is an honorable man that happens to like carrying around a scuba tube and goggles. He lives…
    Where? Where do you think this person should live?

    I can imagine him walking down the street on an any normal Sunday morning or mid- day in his black suit walking a little white full haired poodle and a little black Bombay cat, also known as black Burmese…

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