waking… a random bit


– Gautama Buddha

is our
best weapon

weekly photo challenge:  signs

daily prompt:  upturned noses


5 Responses to “awake”

  1. trying not to be
    torn is a delicate
    thing – nine times
    out of ten, they
    advise you to
    go with the
    flow, yield
    to prevent more
    injury –
    we are all
    doing the best
    we can

  2. At first I thought they were practicing for a bungee jump… and that they seriously needed to shorten the bungee cords 😀 Then I read your tags and realised i had never heard of aerial yoga! Wow, interesting, and a great picture 🙂

    • i love aerial yoga and am unsure that this is it – it might be a version. the version i do uses slings. so lovely, challenging and relaxing! (smile) thank you!

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