encountering… a random bit


– Gautama Buddha

there is no cure
for those who distort
the truth

weekly photo challenge:  humanity

daily prompt:  overload alert

daily prompt:  absolute beauty

6 Responses to “ouchie”

  1. here is our chance
    encounter – a little
    give, a
    little take – more
    balance in
    the world

  2. He doesn’t look like he’s crying and he seems to be carrying something in his hand, something wet as it is running down his arm. I would love to know the actual story behind the picture; which is a great shot btw.

    • thank you for asking! this boy was walking directly ahead of us at a street fair and kept whining/crying for his dad to look at his boo-boo – his finger seemed to be hurting him. he turned around and when my dad smiled at him, he extended his hurting finger, and my dad said, “uh-oh!” and gave it a kiss. then, Dad gave him an ice cube to hold. he immediately stopped whining (smile).

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