pointing… a random bit


– Gautama Buddha

to insist on
matters is to create
unnecessary pain

weekly photo challenge:  adventure

daily prompt:  soulful machines

7 Responses to “detour”

  1. come on, there must be
    a detour here, rarely
    do adventures
    lead to
    dead ends

  2. […] life as sirliPersonality issues. SERENDIPITYTHE DOLLS HAVE IT Prairie ViewsSmell The Coffee yi-ching lin photographydetour A Little FluffSoulful […]

  3. Looks like something from an old arcade. Cool image

  4. I guess I ought to cease and desist the silliness, but where’s the fun in that? I miss the Chef—he was a good straight man for my comic efforts. 😦 Heavy sigh.
    I’ve missed my true calling as an invisible stand up comic.

    • where’s the Chef? i was just thinking of you this morning – still haven’t had time to revisit the project… but so grateful for all the feedback! thank you!!

      • I’m not sure what’s become of the Tart of the Arts. 😦
        I’ve been neglecting blogland until recently. Still catching up with people here and there. OOO you should revisit that project. )

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