standing… a random bit

每一个人都拥有生命,但并非每个人都懂得生命,乃至于珍惜生命。不了解生命的人,生命对他来说,是一种惩罚。  – Gautama Buddha

awareness knocks, and life
looks through the peephole –
even with repetition, we
tend to forget
we are still here

weekly photo challenge:  twist

weekly photo challenge:  split-second story


6 Responses to “patriotism”

  1. patriotism can
    climb onto the back
    seat for a ride
    and apply pressure

  2. […] Split-Second Story At least we made it this far… Weekly Photo Challenge: Split Second Story yi-ching lin photography patriotism Wind Against Current Weekly Photo Challenge & Travel Theme: Split-Second Story in the Big City […]

  3. My son loves it! He said “cool bike!” Nice pic!

  4. Now you are taking my sort of picture.

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