tinker bell

casting… a random bit


– Gautama Buddha

the same heart carries
exasperation as the
same bottle can be

used to hold poison – unchecked,
we pour only what we store

weekly photo challenge:  on top

3 Responses to “tinker bell”

  1. love is a run-on
    pleasure that gathers all
    gestures into context

    context is a butterfly
    net thirty minutes
    deep capturing
    delicate words

    words are small, wild
    animals caught
    and released
    after tagging and
    studying them with love

    love is a run-on
    reverie that needs
    no context to roam

  2. I was looking at the picture and wondering that you don’t normally show this pixelated image and then ‘maybe I don’t just get it’. Yeah, maybe wait for the picture to finish downloading, Niina.

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