pulling out… a random bit


– Gautama Buddha

it takes a word to
undo a thousand words’ journey –
please don’t be careless

daily prompt:  she drives me crazy

19 Responses to “etiquette”

  1. the second law of
    extrapolates that we
    will always gravitate
    towards the path of
    least resistance. and so
    it is, in any closed
    system, habits are
    formed, reformed –
    we will eventually
    give up on
    for any other way

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  8. I like this very much. The off center composition, the lightning, the forms–the people –it all comes together perfectly–for me.

    Btw, serious fyi regarding a book I recently did a post about–Living and Sustaining a Creative Life, Essays by 40 Working Artists, ed. Sharon Louden. If you’ve read this, I’d like to hear your thoughts. I also am curious about w/n you’ve viewed the worrk of any of these artists. If you’ve not yet laid eyes on the book I do recommend it.
    Hi Mom!

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