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“你永远要宽恕众生,不论他有多坏,甚至他伤害过你,你一定要放下,才能得到真正的快乐.”  – Gautama Buddha

forgiveness should
require no
but the recurring
feat of letting go

weekly photo challenge:  object

weekly writing challenge:  contemplation

9 Responses to “objectify”

  1. there are words you
    wish you can say only
    in water – words from
    which you can swim
    away, as if you didn’t
    know how they
    surfaced, floating equal
    distance between two
    desperations still treading
    allegiance, waiting
    to be saved

  2. Reblogged this on thisoldtoad and commented:
    Letting go of something you dearly love can be easier than not!

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