smiling… a random bit

“如果你不给自己烦恼,别人也永远不可能给你烦恼。因为你自己的内心,你放不下.”  – Gautama Buddha

trouble finds those
who wish
to be found, letting
go requires
repetition, a
persistent knocking
at the heart

weekly photo challenge:  juxtaposition

daily prompt:  barriers

21 Responses to “caught”

  1. there are
    fragments of
    us, memories
    like handkerchiefs
    tucked here and
    there, threatening
    to tear loose across
    the city.
    this is to say
    no one
    will ever round
    them up – with
    time, it is
    up to both
    of us to forget

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  3. Is the smiley really smiling?

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