building up… a random bit

“虽然我们不能改变周遭的世界,我们就只好改变自己,用慈悲心和智慧心来面对这一切.”  – Gautama Buddha

though one may not
change the world,
one can bend
with compassion
and wisdom
to take it on

weekly photo challenge:  family

daily prompt:  choice

8 Responses to “rockefeller”

  1. at any given
    moment, there
    are at least a
    dozen equations
    to be solved –
    the big picture
    is built from

  2. Wish I could have seen it in person, so many things to look for. I think I see a horse and cart down in the lower right corner. A bit of non-techo world cutting through.

  3. […] rockefeller | yi-ching lin photography […]

  4. I love the LEGO store. Your photo with the face looking at all the figures is great.

  5. Wow, a childs paradise:)

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