traveling… a random bit

“你可以拥有爱,但不要执著,因为分离是必然的。”  – Gautama Buddha

there can be only
love without
attachment, for
is inevitable

weekly photo challenge:  beginning

6 Responses to “gate”

  1. especially in
    stillness, there are
    exchanges of
    messages to be
    delivered –
    you are still
    the texture of

    each package
    arrives and
    departs like
    a shuttle
    smooth sailing

  2. You know this is an interesting view of plane travel that we often forget about as we walk along like sheep. Though, TSA makes me very reluctant to travel by air. The last time was way tooooooooo touchy feely for me. I did NOT feel safer. The brainwashed person conducting the pat downs was like some robot without a mind spouting “It’s for your safety.” I think NOT. They’re just a business and those machines are a product and they’ve made a lot of money for the companies that make the machines and the companies who hire the people who enjoy groping others day in and day out.

    • hm… i hear you, but on the subway to the airport, i ride with uniformed TSA, and they look just about as happy going to work as i imagine most look. it pays the bills. people who abuse power will do so in whatever situation you put them in. my two cents…

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