preparing… a random bit

“握緊拳頭,你的手裡是空的,伸開手掌,你擁有全世界.”  – Gautama Buddha

closed fist,
empty hand.
opened hand,
the world’s
an embrace

weekly photo challenge:  light

16 Responses to “bowl”

  1. separating an
    egg yolk from
    the white requires
    letting go –
    like parting ways
    to come back together

  2. Wow …….. great picture

  3. Your food photography is always beautiful, unfortunately it makes me hungry which does not help with the diet.

  4. […] bowl | yi-ching lin photography […]

  5. […] bowl | yi-ching lin photography […]

  6. Okay your food porn has evolved into ART.
    This is lovely.

  7. May I reblog this? Pretty please with a dash of sea salt on top?

    • yes, of course! and i did find a sign last month, which i shot, but forgot to send you…

      • Wait, you shot a photo of a Breakfast Special sign? What do I have to do to get a view of it? Hmm? Ply you with figs?

      • oh, it was a ridiculous lunch special. i was planning on posting it today, but something else caught my attention (smile).

      • Well I will keep my eye out for the “lunch special” anyway. I could alway draw such a sign but I’d like to try for the realism of a photograph first. Funny thing is, that I’ve even gone to little diners that usually have such signs in their windows or on the sidewalks and I’ve just not had the best timing or luck finding one. It’s like a needle that doesn’t want to be found now that I’m looking for it. LOL.

  8. Reblogged this on 47whitebuffalo's Blog and commented:
    living suns bowl ~
    shy clouds shine ~
    blue sky magnifies ~
    art lies on bamboo ~
    who needs more food porn?

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