sighting… a random bit

“当你快乐时, 你要想这快乐不是永恒的.  当你痛苦时, 你要想这痛苦也不是永恒的.”  – Gautama Buddha

accept happiness
as ephemeral,
recognize pain
as evanescent,
life’s coin
is weighted
equally elusive,
equally attractive

weekly photo challenge:  eerie

7 Responses to “bartender”

  1. to relent to
    this better
    safe than sorry

    foreign policy
    is to realize
    how far
    we have strayed
    from serving the
    many and how
    easily greatness
    can be redefined

  2. Great environmental image. Looks like a really fun place to be.

  3. Reblogged this on thisoldtoad.

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