9 Responses to “saturated”

  1. and this morning,
    cornered and
    under the
    weight of it all,
    a flock of birds
    take flight

  2. This is amazing art. Do you have anything else by this artist or anything similar? Your picture is brilliant!

    • unfortunately, i do not know who this artist is. thank you for dropping in!

      • I think graffiti art that is this well executed is wonderful and especially so in that it gives you some idea of the “right now” environment surrounding its execution. I wonder if the figure under the cyclops helmet is Confucius? You should start a Graffiti Art page and get other artists like yourself to post them on line and give the artist the exposure they deserve. I have been following you for several months now and really enjoy your work. I especially like your plant and food pictures and your family shots.

        Keep it coming.

      • thank you so much! hm, i do not see Confucius, but i do see Buddha… it’s just such an interesting piece. i think people have done what you’ve suggested, and i’m unsure that i’d be qualified to curate such a gallery (smile).

  3. Reblogged this on thisoldtoad.

  4. Graffiti which is well done always impresses me…. The random sloppy tagging that I don’t like!

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